1950s dating terms

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That cat is a real "square" Sugar band --- A sweet band; lots of vibrato and glissando. Hey, Cleanhead, this is a cool tune and we're blowin' too hot. My boys got to have four even beats to the measure. Count Basie did a tune called "Prince of Wails" -- a clever play on words. I don't know what happened, man, we were just sittin' there and Louie just "wigged out." Wild --- Astonishing or amazing. Duke was up all night shedin' that untouchable lick.

Barrelhouse music is the type of music played in one of these cabarets. The Crusader's new disc, "Louisiana Hot Sauce" is "the bomb." Boogie Man --- In the jazz slanguage of 1935, this was a critic.That dude is really cooking, I think he's going to "flip." Flip your lid --- Same as "Blow your top." That cat looks crazy. I can really dig Dizzy's new way of singing "scat." Scene --- A place or atmosphere.

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