Accomodating multiple learning styles

10-Oct-2020 19:06

Sternberg thinks that many educators are understandably confused by the term ‘learning style’ because it has been used to mean many different things.

If an internally oriented student is placed in the classroom of a teacher who is strongly externally oriented or vice versa, the student can feel like a fish out of water.Therefore, it is important for teachers to be aware of their students’ preferred styles in order to take advantage of opportunities for student learning.Sternberg reminds us that when students reject or do poorly on an assignment, we should not necessarily assume that they are unmotivated or lack ability.Just as functions of mental self-government resemble, in Sternberg’s theory, the branches of government, so the forms of government – monarchic, hierarchic, oligarchic or anarchic – are analogous to forms of mental self-government.

In the monarchic form, a single goal or way of doing things predominates.

Students with hierarchic forms of mental self-government are able to prioritize and be systematic in completing class assignments and solving problems.