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17-Sep-2019 03:10

So call it something else if you want: a check-in, a shindig. Start a conversation about a specific task: "Did you end up making that dinner reservation?

And oh, I have an update on the pediatrician appointment." When that goes well, you can say, "That was really helpful.

I look forward to becoming a local, getting a dog, and making at least one person laugh each day even if it’s at me instead of with me.

the University of Pennsylvania, made the mistake of agreeing to do an "Ask Me Anything" session with a class of undergrads. Like, your actual work — a part of your job you'd never want to bring home, same as those unmarked leftovers from the office fridge. It started when Adam got back from a long trip and there was a giant list of household stuff we had to discuss.

These meetings are not just about getting stuff done.

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After a few months, we noticed that we have some hot topics.

Why don't we have a quick check-in like that every week to make sure we're copacetic?