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Some don’t address backend and access fees, which can pile up and be hard for consumers to decipher.”More good news: Consumer Reports’ research shows that prepaid card fees are down, and many providers offer opportunities for consumers to avoid them, Tobie Stanger, senior editor at Consumer Reports says.“Rather than focus on specific fees to avoid, consider how you expect to use your prepaid card, and find a card with the lowest – or no – fees for that type of use,” Stanger says.Since a variety of cards deliver different benefits (and drawbacks), Guthrie advises consumers to do some research before diving in.“Just a quick Google search will help guide you to finding the card that best fits your needs and lifestyle,” he says. You don’t want to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate the card, but instead get a card that fits your lifestyle.”Stanger offers an example.Some employees, however, still don’t love being paid this way.Guthrie says The Fool Proof Foundation has tracked this growing trend and has advice for workers who want to be paid another way.“Workers should know that employers are required to give you other options,” he says.More companies are moving toward issuing payroll cards over a traditional paycheck, according to a study by the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law.But the obvious downsides to this method for the employee are the fees, which depresses wages, especially for lower paid workers.If you’re interested in using a mobile wallet in combination with a prepaid, debit or credit card, our guides can help: Capabilities like mobile wallet and instant issuance are just a few examples of how prepaid cards have evolved. For instance, college campuses across the country allow the students’ I. to double as a prepaid card.“I would put a specific amount of money on it and use it for things all around campus,” explains Caitlin Caruso, a fourth year-student at Florida State University.

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Under the new CFPB rule, however, prepaid cards will have the same protections as debit cards.“Today’s prepaid cards are popular financial-management tools, inclusion tools, convenient ways to pay, travel companions and much more for next-generation consumers and businesses.”Some ways people hold funds on a prepaid card include government social benefit disbursements, companies to pay salary and per-diem expenses to employees, payment for gig economy employees and for credit building, she adds. Here are six questions about how prepaid cards are working these days.