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There is no record of the identity of all the sitters, but a self-portrait of El Greco is third from the left, looking out at the viewer immediately above the head of Saint Stephen.There are sculptures scattered here and there throughout the garden, and some of the gardens include the green garden, herb garden, perennial garden, pioneer garden, and many more.Or a family member who wants to know more about the common signs of posttraumatic stress?Or a community provider currently treating a Veteran?Using the buttons on the left (or the wheel on your mouse), you can zoom in for a closer look, or zoom out to get your bearings.The 14th-century tower of Santo Tomé is one of the finest examples of Mudejar architecture in Toledo.If you want to talk to someone about your relationship and get some support, there are different ways that you can contact us to arrange counselling.If you want to phone us with a general enquiry or book an appointment, please find your nearest Relate and give them a call.

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Get Help » From anxiety, to depression, to posttraumatic stress, there is a wide range of conditions that can affect your mental health.

These pages will walk you through mental health conditions and other mental health topics, and outline programs and services that are in place to help.

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Kylstra offered some additional thoughts via email on why young women are more conservative than one might imagine.Luckily, men aren’t as shallow as that,” she says, and cites confidence, experience, and freedom from drama among the draws of the mature female . Whether it’s that distant call of our '70s youth, our biological clocks, or our gratifying comfort with ourselves, we older ladies are pretty sexually aggressive.