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28-Jun-2020 15:43

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The show gracefully navigates between ridiculous stories that serve a common theme, but it’s incredible to see the many tangents and directions that this quarter-hour program will visit.It’s a startling hybrid of comedy and horror that impressively taps into existential dread while still making you laugh.

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You obviously have such a lock on this material and the show’s tone, but with the anthology format making it much easier to have guest writers and directors come in, would you be curious to see what other people could perhaps do with this framework?

It’s a series where anything is possible and we fortunately got the opportunity to talk with the show’s writer, director, and co-creator, Vernon Chatman, about how a show like this comes together. Do you find a common theme first and write the stories from one episode all together?

Or do you approach them as solo things and then connect them after?

VERNON CHATMAN: It's been a combination of all of that.

I most just have ideas and then I chase those ideas and play them out and either they attach to some other parallel idea organically.When I watch something, the thing that always tickles me the most is just when cool ideas pop up and I'm always chasing those.

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