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25-Oct-2019 04:15

A widower now I'm free to explore Guys tend to be very visual.As with watching porn, we always try to imagine ourselves in whatever sexual situation we are observing.Ask yourself if you would want to secretly watch her seduce a man and ride him in your bed without his (or maybe her) knowledge. I have the same fantasy and it has nothing to do with any cuckold crap.My wife will fuck herself with her dildo which is hot but I want more than that. Once she let me tie her hands together up over her head to the headboard, and I actually did blindfold her.However she does compromise by incorporating some RP of my fantasy into our sex sometimes which is so incredibly hot to me.

One possibility is that you are simply a voyeur, and your lovely wife is simply the object of your obsession at this point.

Once in a loooong while she will led me hold it while she rides it. I imagine her having a blindfold on so she never knew who it was and pretends not to like it but really does. I have had some yahoo chat RP about this and have had some awesome orgasms. I'd touch her gently and randomly but all the while she was supposed to imagine that I was someone else.