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11-Oct-2019 22:15

Who understands how a woman works better than a woman?You wouldn’t go out to fix your car without the friggin’ manual, would you?When I say miserable, I don’t mean he just struck out and the girl walked away. During this time Dave asked me a million questions and we went over past mistakes he had made and I advised him on how to make sure he never made those again.

Not only do I know what attraction to a man FEELS like, I’ve figured out why it happens.

as well as specific scenarios based on the personalities involved.

Therefore canned answers, tools and tactics, will never work.

It does not cram 10 years of material into a 3 day boot camp or a 4 hour video program, then send you off into the real world alone.

It is unique because we understand that there are 6 stages of interaction with women. Stage : Divorce Each stage comes with a new batch of questions and confusions.

“Okay, Marni,” you may say, “I’m starting to trust you. Men, who did not have these characteristics, turned me off and were not able to hold my attention.

Your date needs to be in the house for it to count. Let your date know you had a good time (if you really did).… continue reading »

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