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All in all, this is the movie of the year, and a must-see for anyone who loves old movies and TV shows.

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He has us follow the two friends behind the scenes of studio backlots, in restaurants, and parties at places like the Playboy Mansion, where we are inundated with references to dozens, if not hundreds, of films and TV shows of that era.

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I can see Reynolds in Di Caprio’s performance, but to my mind Pitt seemed more like Hollywood stunt-man legend Jock Mahoney, who had that same calm, confident swagger in real life that Pitt affects. Lee says he would teach him a lesson for laughing but his hands are lethal weapons and if he accidentally killed him he would go do jail.“Anybody who kills anybody by accident goes to jail,” Cliff says.

Hollywood Boulevard was even given a facelift, with false 1969 fronts placed over the current buildings.

Booth lives in a house in the Hollywood hills next door to the home of director Roman Polanski and his beautiful wife Sharon Tate.

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con conn=N:1 flash Ver=Win13,0,0,214 swf Vfy=true live=true timeout=15#EXTINF:0, abudhabi (3D.)rtmp://me/live playpath=ch74? Rick Dalton (Leonardo Di Caprio) is an actor who once had a popular TV western series called “Bounty Law.” The series got canceled and he’s making a living playing villains in guest star roles in other TV series.