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Stations such as MTV, BET and VH1 that feature music programming may devote their morning and/or midday blocks to music videos.Children's channels such as Disney Channel and Nickelodeon generally air programs for preschool children during the early morning hours in the form of blocks such as Nick Jr.Music stations often are careful not to repeat songs during the midday shift, as they generally have a captive audience, and will often use "9 to 5 No Repeat Workdays" and all-request or specialty lunch hours to lure listeners and air a broader variety of music.Evenings are a popular time for syndicated programs, while overnights are generally automated, either with or without a voice-tracked jock, though there are a few niche programs that target special audiences in the overnight and early morning hours (Coast to Coast AM, Midnight Trucking Radio Network and the National Farm Report, among them).

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have dominated this time slot since the 1980s, and they usually compete with syndicated entertainment news magazines (such as Entertainment Tonight) and syndicated reruns of popular primetime programming like Seinfeld and Friends.

PBS and other noncommercial public broadcasting networks generally broadcast educational programs aimed at children, especially toddlers and preschool children (such as Sesame Street) throughout the early and later part of the daytime slot, while some show other alternative programs such as cooking programs during the midday period.

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