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I had written a parody/protest song inspired by the production called “June is Busting Out all Over” and the director, Steve Bogart (who was, for the record, directing this schlock against his will) asked me to perform it. i tried to take lessons again in high school from a man who prompty seduced me and though i let myself be seduced i quit that, too. i was always disgusted with my lack of self-discipline and later, when i was in college (college….) i created a performance piece using the raw material from these tapes.i took some of the best ideas, stuck them all together and mixed it with a recording of me interviewing myself after my death.this is a picture of me purchasing “three imaginary boys” in HMV in london: i am fourteen. he was half-german and he turned me on to the music that provided the soundtrack for a typical tortured high school girl …the legendary pink dots, dead can dance, current 93, kraftwerk and other obscurities that you couldn’t find in the record stores of the deep suburbs.for some reason i was pretty friendless throughout high school, so i spent most lunches with my latin teacher or sitting with a styrofoam tray full of canned fruit and peanut butter and fluff sandwich in one of the practice rooms in the music department pounding out chords on the piano and writing about things i didn’t like. this is a self-portrait from that time: i can’t remember actually ever sitting down with the intention to “write a song”.i don’t remember listening to any other records, until i was about 9.i purchased “Rant n’ Rave with the Stray Cats” and i got my own record all started when i was a wee girl, 4 or 5 years old.we lived a house (a cold, big, old house in lexington, massachusetts, usa) with two pianos: one old spinet and the cherished steinway.

at the end of the performance, when i was quite worked up, i tore down the sheet and shrieked (while naked and covered in blood, of course) at the audience about how much i hated myself for having wasted my life. i drank and simultaneously tried to find pianos to play, which led me down some very dark paths and nearly lost me a many friendships and jobs.

i improvised alot and wrote little melodies that i would play every time i sat at the piano.