Amibroker charts not updating

23-Sep-2020 20:46

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Please note the above applies to each zorder "layer" separately (so within same zorder "layer" reverse call rule applies) This may sound complicated but is required for backward compatibility.

Example: Bollinger bands with "cloud" fill behind price (zorder = -1) For a little video presentation see: toolbar and keyboard customizations made in old versions need to be re-done because they can not be imported by new system due to fundamental differences (I am sorry about that)] Exit At Stop = 2 (NEW) Trade delays set to one Trade price set to open Scenario 4: you trade on today's close and want to exit only when today's close price hits the stop level Correct settings: Activate Stops Immediately turned OFF Exit At Stop = 0 Trade delays set to zero Trade price set to close The operands of logical-AND and logical-OR expressions are evaluated from left to right.

For more information about optimum use of multithreading and other general remarks regarding performance see Efficient Use of Multithreading.

Hi there, I wrote an AFL program to record the OHLC every 5 seconds. Thanks Thomas This is normal behaviour to conserve PC's resources.

Note that this visibility applies to mostly to 'minimised' state or the situation when you move chart outside the boundary of physical screen so it is not visible to an eye but still open.

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Ami Broker will continue working with loads even above 1000% however the performance will be bad (one update per 5 seconds or more).

It pauses when Amibroker is minimized, and starts recording again when Amibroker window returns normal. Typically if you minimize Ami Broker or some charts, there's no need to refresh them because they are not visible.