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It's the memory address where the following 16 bytes are located. android,android-activity,android-studio,menu,menuitem Option A A base Activity class that implements the logic for the menu items - in this case all 30 of your Activities should extend the base Activity.

This approach has the serious limitation that it forces you to extend a class even though you may need to extend another... The behavior you're seeing is one of the bugs- it doesn't handle the case of get Last Location returning null, an expected failure.

So once its out of the view and come back in its refreshed. Part of my Preference Activity: java,android,string Correct me if I'm wrong.

If you're saying that your code looks like this: new Thread(new Runnable() { public void run() ).start(); // later on...

You should retrieve the object associated with your group view, pass this object to your second/edition fragment.

You can use set Target Fragment(...) and on Activity Result(...) to send the modified text from your second to your first fragment. android I'm not sure what are you trying to do, are you trying to have the imageview to adapt to your image's size or are you trying to have your image view at a fixed size?

java,class,hex The 000000b0 is not part of the data. Each row is in two groups of eight, purely to asist in working out memory addresses etc....It´s a Future implementation, that use the http long poling technique. BUILD-SNAPSHOT/api/org/springframework/web/context/request/async/Deferred So let´s says that you will make a request, and the server it will return you the deferred Result, and then your request will keep it open until the internal process(Hibernate),android,listview,android-fragments,expandablelistview You shouldn't pass your view item form a fragment to an other.To retrieve it you definitely need some code running on that machine. You can either implement it in Java or use platform specific...

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android,android-intent,android-activity,bitmap use following method..... **************************************************** Bitmap bm = Shrink Bitmap(imagefile, 300, 300); Image Bitmap(bm); Bitmap Shrink Bitmap(String file, int width, int height) { Bitmap Factory. Options(); bmp Factory Just Decode Bounds = true; Bitmap bitmap = Bitmap Factory.decode File(file, bmp Factory Options); int height Ratio =(int)Math.ceil(bmp Factory Height/(float)height); int width Ratio,xamarin,monodroid,xamarin.forms,floating-action-button Before the official support library came out I ported the FAB over. Forms sample in my Git Hub repo that you can use: Action Button-for-Xamarin. try this Glyph Layout layout = new Glyph Layout(); Text(bitmap Font,"text"); float width = layout.width; float height = layout.height; and it's not recommended to create new Glyph Layout on each frame, create once and use it. java,android,eclipse,adt In your Main at line no 34 you are trying to initialize some widget that is not present in your xml layout which you have set it in your set Content View(R.layout.... EDIT: change your set Content View(R.layout.activity_main) to set Content View(R.layout.fragment_main)...