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09-Oct-2019 17:52

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"Individual dating app users are continuously engaging in a cycle in which they are evaluating profile pictures and brief descriptions of others, yet are being subject to scrutiny themselves," wrote study author Dr.Alvin Tran, a postdoctoral associate at the Yale School of Medicine.Many people now prefer to use dating apps on their phones, rather than dating sites on their home computers.In fact some of the dating apps we reviewed only work with an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

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Among the 1,762 people surveyed, about 17% of the women and 33% of the men said they used dating apps.

But as the popularity of these apps grows, so does speculation that they could negatively affect a person's relationship with their body image.

Another 2017 study found that Tinder users were significantly less satisfied with their faces and bodies and reported higher levels of body shame than those who did not use the app.

Disclaimer: 4 in 5 profiles feature dogs and/or naked torsos.

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People who use dating apps are more likely to have eating disorders, abuse laxatives or use other unhealthy weight management practices than people who don't date online, Harvard researchers found in a new study published Friday in the Journal of Eating Disorders. Women were particularly vulnerable, with those who use apps such as Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel having 2.3 to 26.9 times higher odds of using elevated "unhealthy weight control behaviors." That includes self-induced vomiting, fasting or using diet pills and laxatives, which are all symptoms of eating disorders.Bumble spokeswoman Emily Wright and a Tinder spokesperson declined to comment for this article.

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