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The Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer is a true entertainer: the bisexual front woman of the cabaret-punk duo doesn’t just wear outfits — she dons costumes and stage makeup to accompany her charismatic and playful performances.Her typical stage look is in the vein of a gothic pinup girl, and when she’s pounding on her piano, there’s no chance the focus could be on anyone else.Tickets for the Boston show go on sale April 15; fan pre-sales have opened today.While the group has sprang up here and there over the past few years, both have been busy with various other projects.The live shows, however, do not hint at a longer tour or promise any new recorded material, Palmer says. “These are right now two totally isolated ‘let’s get the band back together’ shows.” Palmer says the summer gigs will be full of surprises and stretch beyond what we had seen of the band in the 2000s.She elaborates, via the ‘Fork: “We have always, as a band, prided ourselves on delivering something delicious to a live audience. Brian and I could wake up any day of the week and get marched to a stage, and get told to sit down and play the greatest hits of the Dresden Dolls.

The Dolls will play Boston’s Blue Hills Bank Pavilion on August 26, then help christen New York’s newly-minted Coney Island Amphitheater the following night.Neil says they “were as happy as any two people had ever been.” The next day Amanda had to jet off to Australia, and the newlyweds won’t see each other for ten more days (when they reunite in Tasmania.) : ( In case you need a little Dresden Dolls education, they were/are a alternative rock/pop group highly influenced by German cabaret and burlesque.