Are amanda seyfried and dominic cooper still dating

05-Jun-2020 22:44

“She’s married now and has a beautiful child,” Cooper told the magazine.

“We knew we were going to be working together [again] on a set, going back to a part which was certainly going to remind us of 10 years earlier, but I know her family, I know her mum, who was there a lot.” Whether or not any of those old feelings came back, it sounds like Cooper had a good time working with his old flame. “It was really interesting to see how different our lives are after 10 years.

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The two were first spotted together in August 2013 According to ; Us Weekly, Amanda Seyfried’s new beau “is super private about his relationships …

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Since Cooper split with his on/off screen partner, he’s been dating another co-star – this time fellow Preacher actor Ruth Negga.It is a long time and it was nice to spend time [with her].” The experience of working with an ex could prove to be valuable for Cooper, too.

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