Arm candy dating

13-Oct-2019 21:39

This is actually a good stage to be in for some time. But if you’re only faking being happy alone, and you’re really dying inside, get through this stage by talking to someone. Hashtagging every other picture with “#singlelife” is your new go-to in this stage. This stage isn’t about true pride, however; it is an attempt to rub your “single and loving it” attitude in your ex’s face.

Express your feelings and get the opinion of someone who really happy about being alone. Prominently displaying your single status is how the next stage of a breakup will go—and it’s by far the most annoying stage. To get through this stage, just keep your single happiness to yourself.

When I put it like that, it just seems crazy that this is how finding your soul mate works. Personally, I think I have a cuddling addiction, and definitely go through withdrawals after a breakup.

It’s like completely cutting out your favorite TV show—or junk food. The lack of human contact is probably the number one thing people struggle with after a breakup.

Holding it back will only delay moving on and make it a lot harder—and more drawn out—than it needs to be. #2 The “screw you, I never needed you anyways” stage—AKA: anger.

After you’re sick of crying over that piece of you-know-what, you’ll get mad.

All of those activities are great ways to ease your anger and help you get through this part of a breakup.

[Read: Why it’s easier to get over someone when you start hating them] #3 The reflection stage.

[Read: 8 annoying social media users that make everyone want to scream] #7 The “I’m so over them” stage.One way to get through this is to just let it all out.

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