Artificial intelligence dating

19-Jan-2020 22:40

Today, however, you can just bid a farewell to hours of mindless swiping through numerous profiles. Dating apps are increasingly taking the help of AI to help users suggest places to go for a first date, indicating the initial remarks that can be said to the person at the other end.

To make the matter all the more intriguing, these apps even assist you in finding a partner who resembles your favorite celebrity.

It is apparent that you will have used a dating app at least once, even if you never dared to admit it openly in your social circle.

The premise of most dating apps is the same; take a look at the picture visible with a little information and then decide to take a swipe left or right.

Not all dating apps use this compatibility approach.

Tinder, for instance, relies almost completely on location and images to suggest potential partners to its users.

Ok Cupid would then present the user with potential partners who are moderately messy looking for people who are very messy.

The algorithm goes one step further than simple response based matching, it ranks the importance of each trait to pair users as well.

In this case, the more “likes” you get will result in people being presented to you who also get a lot of “likes.” It also works in the opposite circumstance where users who don’t receive a lot of “likes” will be presented with people who also don’t receive a lot of “likes.” A final example of algorithms in dating apps is how Bumble users can now filter preferences beyond personality traits, professions, and appearances.Besides presenting potential partners and the opportunity for love, these sites have another thing in common — data.Have you ever thought about how dating apps use the data you give them?By monitoring both user input and user behavior, AI in dating applications truly gets to know the most holistic version of the user.

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It goes beyond the user’s own notion of themself to reveal truths about the type of partner they are really looking for.

When filling out a profile for this dating app, users can respond to an extensive questionnaire about their personal traits as well as the traits they are looking for in a partner.