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Although the materials that comprise a candle have changed through the years, the art of candlemaking has remained surprisingly similar to the original production processes.

Candle wicks were, at first, made of reeds or rushes; eventually, various natural fibers were used.

Twisted or plaited cotton still makes up most wicks today.As far back as 3000 , dish-shaped candles were used on the island of Crete.Candles have also been used for religious purposes.One of the earliest forms of portable illumination, candles have served vital functions for humankind throughout history, a fact chronicled through the discovery of candles or candle-like objects in virtually every society.

Historians believe the original candle may have been invented by primitive men who dipped dried branches in animal fat, thus producing a slow-burning and reliable source of light.

Large-scale manufacture of candles became a reality only after 1834, when Joseph Morgan introduced the first mass-production candlemaking machine.