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17-Mar-2020 02:20

I am in the process of pressing charges against my cousin and today I saw a police photographer to take photos of my injuries. A policewoman at the front desk put it as an ABH, but I need the IMEI number for my phone before they can charge him with theft. Will the magistrates have any sympathy for me because of my terrible situation? He has been arrested many times before and has several convictions.

A policeman will phone me on Monday in regards XXXXX XXXXX my cousin. The assault was out of character and I have never been arrested for a violent offence before. He has served six months in a secure unit in 2004 for robbery. I must also mention that he struck me with his stick and I have a mark on my arm, I'm guessing he did this because he felt threatened by me.

However, he is in the care of adult social services and never gets appropriate punishment for his offences. When the officers turned up at my house to see if they had the right address, they told my father that i had committed a minor common assault and would probably receive a caution.

My lawyer also said that I was eligable for a caution or a conditional caution. I'm surprised they didn't caution you then.

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This will be the first time i have ever been in a court room, since I have no previous convictions.

He would first start with verbal abuse and threaten to kill me and my whole family.