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14-Oct-2020 01:35

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They're both adults & are fully aware of what they're getting involved in.

Im sure they'll not want it to cause problems either.

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Please don’t add that they looked ‘loved up’ and certainly don’t suggest that maybe it’s been going on since before they split. If it there is potential to cause difficulty at work.

All she needs to know now are the facts to save her hearing them elsewhere, anything else is between her and her ex. As I said I work with my best friends she is now my sil (i am with her brother) we have strict 'work is work' policy. Since your husband works there, knows the company and the husband and wife involved as he given an opinion? She's your best friend, when she finds out from someone else she'll wonder why you didn't tell her.

Hi all, regular poster on Relationships and AIBU but I have NCed as this post might be outing and I don't want it to be linked to my regular activity on Mumsnet.

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Our DC go to the same school and are good friends, we are part of the same social group (which include our respective DHs) so we see each other often.Not sure what the age or attractiveness of this woman has to do with anything. The other side of the coin is that it's not really her business who he dates. If a woman was dating and being pressure into telling the husband she is seperate from, I doubt so many people would be staying he has a right to know. Especially if the new girlfriend complains that you are treating her different, or something further down the line. This woman is aware of the fact that I am very close to my best friend, and will potentially be a bit on the edge about me knowing once the news is out.If it was going to cause problems in my job, I would keep out if it. I worry that this could create work issues for me in case in the future there is a professional conflict/disagreement between me and this woman, and she might think I am biased against her because of her involvement with friend's DH.I don't think my friend knows her DH is seeing someone, let alone that specific younger colleague, whom she knows as well.

She might find out through office gossips, which would be awful for her. I am really on the fence on what to do here If you are close friends, tell her.So wanting to know if THAT open invitation from Wishing was finally revoked yesterday.

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