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Susan G, Toronto Re Why Today’s Veterans Avoid The Legion, by Robert Smol (NOW, November 10-16).

My whole family served this country since before it was a country.

Asking someone who “discovered” Cohen in 1988 to write his obit might have been a mistake.

Stories about black women, marriage and interracial relationships have always generated controversy, strong opinions and stereotyped assumptions.

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Robert Mc Bride, Thornhill I think both Gary Freeman and Norm Wilner missed a huge point regarding the U. election: almost 10 million fewer people voted for Clinton than did for Obama in 2008.

Republican vote totals in both 20 were almost identical.

Because of this, Americans who claimed that they are full “White” may have “BLACK” in them than what their outer appearance shows.

The truths are, White-Europeans and Black-Africans have been screwing each other for about more than four hundred years. You’re not one of us.”Breaking down Lecia’s thoughts, one would come to understand, that race in these United States has always been a “SOCIAL CONSTRUCT.” To experience this construct, one must first live the minorities’ realities. ” is hard to understand or to come up with a concrete answer. But there are also obsessions, separating the truths from the myths, for one to be able to answer this question.

In these United States, it has been two hundred and forty-one. These answers are just a few things that you will get from some of the sisters (Black women). Well, our country, these United States’ political history gases the examination of interracial relationships. For it’s a human thing to LOVE, regardless of RACE. Dear White women, To love Black men is to not just love him in bed, but it’s to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Time after times, we are here, those realities never go away, and will not, until the end of times. “Race” before “character.” Flawed ideologies, but yes, White women, and as a mother of bi-racial children, which of course you will be, it would be your duties to protect them, love them, make them proud of being uniquely partly White and beautiful partly Black.

Never put them into a fixed narrative of being one thing, while they are beautifully unique.

My grandfather was instrumental in the creation of the Temagami Legion after World War I.