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(The Lion Air crash killed 189.)The second crash led to a worldwide grounding of the Max jet, Boeing’s best-selling aircraft.Although American regulators were slower to ground the planes than other countries, they said last week that physical evidence from the Ethiopian crash, along with satellite tracking data, suggested similarities between the two crashes. In this box will be a number of full-sized products for you to try. When a product campaign comes up that matches your profile, you go into a draw to receive a Black Box.

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The disclosure by the transport ministry came as a procession of empty coffins made their way to a churchyard in Ethiopia.

We use that information to work out what kind of driver you are, and ultimately, how safe you are behind the wheel.

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ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — A preliminary review of the “black boxes” recovered from a jetliner that went down in Ethiopia found similarities between that crash and one involving the same Boeing model in Indonesia five months earlier, Ethiopia’s transport ministry said Sunday.

Although a spokesman for the ministry would not detail what the similarities were, the information from the black boxes, as the data and voice recorders are known, suggests that Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 may have had problems similar to those of Lion Air Flight 610.

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