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Five years later, Bazz-B and Haschwalth encountered Yhwach for the first time, leading to the revelation that Haschwalth was Yhwach's other half and had been fueling Bazz-B's growth.

" Uryu yawned."I figured I'd thank you." Nemu said with light smile as she placed the tray down in front of him."Well, thanks but you didn't have to." Uryu said."It was no trouble at all." Nemu said as Uryu, thinking that declining the breakfast would be impolite to her, started eating much to her appreciation.

She knew of her lover's perverted personality and that he aimed at her only when they were alone and she was completely fine with him as long as he didn't get out of control.

As she sat up, she felt some form of weight on her chest and she looked down to see Pesche with his face buried in her bosom still sleeping with his hands wrapped around her small waist.

Isane heavily blushed and loudly yelped as her arms scrambled to conceal her chest as Chad passed out from heavy shyness and the fuku-taichou jumped off him and she pressed her thighs together and frequently wiggled her wide hips out of embarrassment as she tried waking Chad back up with CPR when she listened to his breathing getting shallow and lower.

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Ichigo and Rangiku lay in his bed still holding each other and they were still sleeping.Neliel rested her head on Grimmjow with him holding onto her and he snored, which eventually woke up Neliel, who yawned and looked at how funny the blue-haired Espada looked snoring."Neliel said as she moved out of her boyfriend's grip and sat up, fluffed her hair, and unzipped the tent's entrance to go out of it before she felt two arms grip her elbows from behind and looked back to see Grimmjow holding onto her."Where do you think you're going?

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