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18-Jul-2020 20:28

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They were “successful, ” yet they seemed to be lacking meaning.

Instead, they were fascinated with me because I appeared to have more meaning than them.

I put the phone up to my ear, and sure enough, it was him.

My favorite James Bond character when I was growing up as a young buck was now etched in my memory for good. This bizarre story made me realize the delusion I was living.

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We all watch these pump up videos on social media that tell us never to give up, but then when the struggle comes around we forget.

The other big realization I got at the pub the other night was that success still doesn’t give us a meaning for our life.

I sat there and listened to these women who were making more money than any of us could dream of, and who had built massive audiences who hang on to their every word.

We’re all messed up and doing dumb stuff, even Pierce Brosnan.

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We do it because we haven’t found meaning in our life and we’re still searching.By coincidence, Tony said we have to have a mantra when we lack meaning.