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19-May-2020 19:50

Even worse, rumor has it that Paul Haggis, the director of that notorious Oscar-winning atrocity otherwise referred to as “Crash,” was only able to secure financing after Fraser signed onto the project, so it can be said that, without Fraser, there may very well have been no Crash.At this point, one cannot be blamed for wanting to time-travel back to the pre-Crash era to reach down Fraser’s throat and pull his balls upwards through his mouth before kicking them mercilessly.He showed a side-by-side comparison of the comic version of Robotman and the TV series version.In the photo, Fraser's Robotman could be seen donning the character's iconic leather jacket.Let’s face it — at one point or another, we’ve all wondered why Brendan Fraser is still kicking around in Hollywood.Well, there’s one simple explanation: many of this guy’s movies enter blockbuster territory by making a crapload of money.Quite simply, he’s a commodity but no more so than Vince Vaughn, Tom Cruise, or Jennifer Aniston.Overall, Brendan Fraser generally comes off as an amiable fellow with pretty decent comic timing, and he’s not a bad-looking bloke at all, so he’s become the go-to-guy for inserting some easygoing humor and subtle goofy physicality to what would otherwise be entirely ridiculous films.

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Fraser knows that these are the types of films within which audiences will pay to see him, and where there’s box-office success, there’s money in the bank for daddy.

Finally, he doesn’t resent his place in Hollywood and moan about wanting to be a serious actor.

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