Cam100 free

30-Mar-2020 10:39

The plastic stand really needs to be mounted to a horizontal or vertical surface - plugs and screws are included - but it will sit on a shelf without tipping over.

The balljoint lets you point it in a variety of directions, but once fixed in place you can't alter it remotely.

At this price, it's no surprise that it's a 720p camera: 1280x720 pixels. The glossy black finish looks good, but it doesn't exactly help the camera blend in.

White cameras are less conspicuous, but you may not mind the camera being seen.

There's a microphone so you get sound along with the video but there's no option for alerts when there's a loud sound.

And unlike cameras such as the Nest Cam, there's no speaker and therefore no two-way audio.

You can watch clips recorded to the cloud in the Events tab in the app or online.

This works well and it prevents needless alerts when your cat walks across the room.

There is one other option: you can hit the record button when watching the live stream and take 'photos' within the app. Unfortunately quality defaults to standard definition, which offers far less detail than the 720p HD mode.

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