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04-Dec-2019 21:31

Cautious landlords may want to build in an extra day to ensure that the notice gives the correct amount of time to the tenant.As a consequence of the many hurdles that must be overcome, it is easy for ill-advised or unaware landlords to get Section 21 Notices wrong.While REDD proponents argue that safeguard procedures and participatory processes will promote justice, opponents argue REDD will exacerbate injustices.To generate new insights into the persistent justice debates in REDD , this paper draws attention to the role of norms in constraining and shaping policy designs and outcomes.In 2015, the government outlawed retaliatory eviction, whereby a landlord attempts to end an AST because the tenant has complained of disrepair at the property.

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It is paramount that landlords get correct advice before serving statutory notices and this is where we can help.

This compensation can still be claimed by tenants, even without a Section 21 notice on the table.