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Only the female builds the nest (guarded closely by the male at all times), but both sexes take equal roles in incubation and feeding of the young.One of the earliest records of White-fronted Chats in the Australian Museum's collection comes from Chatswood.The species remains common in farmland and coastal wetlands. You will have 100% access to the forum where you can ask any questions, tell any stories and give as much advice as your heart desires.We will arrange events in different places around the world. As we go on the interface and functions will improve.As a member of the community, you can either attend these events or create your own. Keep me posted on any suggestions, this is your community after all.Connect with others around the world, Search and add friends, private message, chat or meetup. Make friends before you enter your newest destination or perhaps someone to travel with.

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Instead, they run along the ground feeding on insects.However, they have the same brush-tipped tongues as other members of their family.Male White-fronted Chats have a white face, breast and belly, dissected by a distinctive black band across the breast that extends around to the back of the head.The species' Sydney distribution is now restricted to two small populations living in wetlands in Botany Bay and the Parramatta River.

Draining and filling of swamps for housing has eliminated much of the habitat of this species in areas of high human population density.

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