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That is why the plan of Start IT community to educate 100.000 young leaders across 12 cities in Serbia by 2020 is complete viable and got the biggest backing in the history of regional crowd funding campaigns.

Only in 2015 Serbia exported EUR 678,3 million of software services and it is estimated that 30.000 programmers would be able to start working immediately.

Serbia is a country in South East Europe bordering Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Kosovo, which it regards as an autonomous region within its own borders.

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In other words, you can manage them (with our full support) the same way as your local in-house employees, with the only difference that they work for you in Belgrade.Whether you have settled as an expat in Serbia or are still living in Russia and planning your upcoming foreign assignment, Inter Nations Serbia offers everything you need: Established in 2007, our trusted community soon became the leading platform for international networking among expatriates and global minds around the world.