Children response to partents dating

24-Mar-2020 15:11

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Their dreams are likely to reflect their fears and their sense of lack of control.

These will often have a connection to an aspect of the assault.Sometimes if a child has experienced physical pain during the assaults their body can retain the memory of this pain, for example, one child who had been tied up continued to have tingling in his hands; another child had severe stomach pains after vaginal penetration.Another boy had blinding headaches because he felt he could not get the offender out of his head.It can be frustrating for parents and cause extra work.

It can be humiliating and embarrassing for children.

Children frequently find it extremely hard to talk about what is happening to them, especially when they've been told to keep it a secret or have been subjected to coercion, bribery or threats. They may underplay the effects of the abuse or change the identity of the perpetrator in an attempt to protect the family, but they have not been found to lie about the occurrence of the abuse itself.

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