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I decided very early on — there must have been a line or something where I said — “When this woman walks through the office, she is absolutely certain that someone’s looking.” [laughs] Like, “at least one or two people in this room have stopped working to look and watch [Joan] walk across the room.” Which is kind of a bitchy thing to think, but it’s also a fun thing to play. And I think she had some accidental feminist movements in the beginning that turned into her pursuing it and taking charge of it and being more in control of it.

So even if I didn’t have a line, if I had to walk from one side of the room to the other I was like, “Joan thinks someone’s looking, and she dresses to prove it,” and so I would just hold my head high and walk the carpet. You know, I think about the time period less than I think about the characters and the environment and the very specific capsule these people were in in this office.

” So when we realized that it was going to be helpful in so many different ways, it became the accordion. I think she’s somehow learned from a lot of her mistakes or a lot of her situations, so I think it turned her into a different kind of woman.

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“We’ve never seen the piano in the corner of the room! The stories had to be told, and I think a lot of the characters in the show went through very wild story lines and also some things they didn’t learn as a character.Did you and Jon and Matt talk about, like before the show started, how well they know each other and things like that?