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Every establishment that looks like it might have any cash at all is guarded by a man in a uniform holding a very serious looking rifle. In the traditional Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers first see each other across a crowded room at a masked ball. Her face undergoes the shock of seeing another person, and gradual pleasure spreads over it as she takes in the man she sees. She is on her own with Bazz and the fish and the breathless crew, who are so silent during each take you can hear the fish tank’s bubbles.

But this Romeo and Juliet is not going to be traditional, and anyway, as Bazz is quick to point out, Shakespeare wrote the play with hardly any stage directions. But the location, the setting, the visuals, that is open to interpretation. She’s at a disco, in the ladies room, and on the other side of the fish tank is the men’s room. There is no dialogue in the take, just her expression as she looks at a fish and then catches the eye of this handsome young man staring at her from the other side of the fish tank. Finally it is a keeper, and she retreats to her trailer, where I visit. Everyone calls Claire “Claire.” On some deep emotional level, Claire makes it instantly clear that you don’t fuck with Claire Danes, even though she never shows up before lunch because she is still in “school” and spends her mornings huddled over homework with a tutor. “About a week into the movie Leo came up to me and said, ‘How can you be so still? She looks vaguely punkish, a potential vandal, someone with an agenda.

In each take there are tiny but visible imperfections. Here is Leonardo standing on the screen, waiting for the film to role and for the director to shout “Action! He seems wretched, wracked with guilt at his impulsive murder of Tybalt, and very wet.

In one Leguizamo seems to be shivering from the bullets before the bloody bullet holes appear on his chest, for example. ”, and at some off camera command, the shower – I mean the rain – commences and he is suddenly drenched in a downpour of biblical proportions. It seems like a good take to me, but it is not good enough, because all of a sudden there is Leonardo again, his hair dried off an re-tousled, standing up there on his little platform, gun in hand.

Their glance in Leonardo’s direction is, I think, somewhat loving. His blond hair is tousled in a just rolled out of bed way.

The teeming set is like a village, and he has entered it like a prince surveying his subjects. He walks over to look at the fish tank which will be the center of the next shot, and around which several fish managers are gathered, sprinkling bits of food into the tank and trying to keep their little stars happy. and experienced: they appeared in Golden Eye, the last James Bond film.

In watching the rushes, the grand scale of movie making shrinks down to closely resemble the weird giggly atmosphere of home movies.It’s not the sort of thing you can affect; some people, like Leonardo, are light. “Sometimes I can be too still, and serious, and persnickety, and I have to make a conscious effort to goof-off and chill out.” Asked to describe the difference between her personality and Leo’s she says, “I sort of glow, and Leo is like a string of firecrackers that keeps going off.” Having caused something of a sensation in My So Called Life, she moved to Los Angeles with her parents two years ago, having grown up in Manhattan.She says she intends to go to college, “somewhere east of the Mississippi.” She cites Jody Foster as a role model.The movie is being shot in Mexico City because, to be blunt, the Peso has just collapsed and the place is more or less on sale.

But, considering the movie, there are atmospheric advantages as well.Seeing the same short scene over and over is an interesting experience. We don’t see the platform, just this little jump, as though he were standing on a milk crate.

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