Conduct invalidating assent

25-Jul-2020 18:09

That the proceedings of the so-called Citizens' Assemblies are illegal, null and void particularly insofar as such proceedings are being made the basis of a supposed consensus for the ratification of the proposed Constitution because: [a] The elections contemplated in the Constitution, Article XV, at which the proposed constitutional amendments are to be submitted for ratification, are elections at which only qualified and duly registered voters are permitted to vote, whereas, the so called Citizens' Assemblies were participated in by persons 15 years of age and older, regardless of qualifications or lack thereof, as prescribed in the Election Code; [b] Elections or plebiscites for the ratification of constitutional amendments contemplated in Article XV of the Constitution have provisions for the secrecy of choice and of vote, which is one of the safeguards of freedom of action, but votes in the Citizens' Assemblies were open and were cast by raising hands; [c] The Election Code makes ample provisions for free, orderly and honest elections, and such provisions are a minimum requirement for elections or plebiscites for the ratification of constitutional amendments, but there were no similar provisions to guide and regulate proceedings of the so called Citizens' Assemblies; [d] It is seriously to be doubted that, for lack of material time, more than a handful of the so called Citizens' Assemblies have been actually formed, because the mechanics of their organization were still being discussed a day or so before the day they were supposed to begin functioning: "Provincial governors and city and municipal mayors had been meeting with barrio captains and community leaders since last Monday [January 8, 1973) to thresh out the mechanics in the formation of the Citizens Assemblies and the topics for discussion." [Bulletin Today, January 10, 1973] "It should be recalled that the Citizens' Assemblies were ordered formed only at the beginning of the year [Daily Express, January 1, 1973], and considering the lack of experience of the local organizers of said assemblies, as well as the absence of sufficient guidelines for organization, it is too much to believe that such assemblies could be organized at such a short notice.

That for lack of material time, the appropriate amended petition to include the additional officials and government agencies mentioned in paragraph 3 of this Supplemental Urgent Motion could not be completed because, as noted in the Urgent Motion of January 12, 1973, the submission of the proposed Constitution to the Citizens' Assemblies was not made known to the public until January 11, 1973.

Commission on Elections, et al.," and L-35942, "Sedfrey A.

That petitioners are now before this Honorable Court in order to ask further that this Honorable Court issue a restraining order enjoining herein respondents, particularly respondent Commission on Elections as well as the Department of Local Governments and its head, Secretary Jose Roño; the Department of Agrarian Reforms and its head, Secretary Conrado Estrella; the National Ratification Coordinating Committee and its Chairman, Guillermo de Vega; and their deputies, subordinates and/or substitutes, from collecting, certifying, announcing and reporting to the President the supposed Citizens' Assemblies referendum results allegedly obtained when they were supposed to have met during the period between January 10 and January 15, 1973, particularly on the two questions quoted in paragraph 1 of this Supplemental Urgent Motion; "4.

[5] If the elections would not be held, when do you want the next elections to be called?

[Bulletin Today, January 11, 1973; emphasis supplied] "12.

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