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They managed to hear everything that went on that night. Though she isn't a professed lesbian, she didn't find the experience all that unpleasant.

Two of Sheriff Brock's most trusted deputies, Maxine Stewart and Kenny Lacos, have also had their share of strange stories.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft Non Consensual Reluctant Fan Fiction Zoophilia Light Bond Humiliation Gang Bang Orgy Bestiality Voyeurism Size .

This story is based on the characters from the television show, Picket Fences.

He was convinced that the elephant was being abused by the circus he worked for. She proceeded to give Big John an enema and everything is all right.

Through all of this, the mayor is there campaigning and has his picture taken with Jill.

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His latest fling was when he was dating a pair of identical eighteen-year-old twins at the same time.This is not meant as an infringement on their copyright of the series, but fulfills the fantasy of mature audiences only.(This story contains scenes of sex, gang- bang, lesbian, bondage and bestiality.) If these topics disturb you in any way, do not read on.For weeks, people complained of his philandering down the streets with both girls in his arms.

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As for Deputy Maxine Stewart, Max to everyone, she has had a number of unsuccessful relations over the years, including having her therapist having a crush on her, or her dating the new black District Attorney.After the trial, Peter asks Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart, everybody called her Max, if she would go out to dinner with him on a date.