Creationism and ice core dating

03-Sep-2020 13:25

This theory states that when the earth was created, the crust was solid, but the rock at the bottom of the ocean (oceanic crust) was colder than the rock that makes up the continents (continental crust).

Prior to the Flood of Noah, the state of the entire crust was "balanced critically on the edge of catastrophe" (Wise 209).

The pilots were rescued 9 days later but the planes were abandoned.

In 1988, an expedition found that in 46 years the planes had been buried under 250 feet of ice and snow. Wieland, this shows that those pesky evolutionist are wrong and is does not take thousands and thousands of years for ice to build up.

This case shows that glaciers really only formed in the 4,000 or so years since Noah’s flood! Wieland has not updated his article to include the case of another aircraft that went missing in Greenland.

This aircraft, a Navy P-2V Neptune patrol plane, went down over the Kronborg Glacier in 1962.

This paper will attempt to give an outline of what some young-earth creationists believe happened during the Flood of Noah.

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In 1902 George Mc Cready Price introduced the concept of "Flood Geology" in his book Outlines of Modern Christianity and Modern Science, which claimed that all the geologic features attributed to long ages were actually formed during Noah's Flood (Numbers 1992:xi).However, this has not always been the belief of a majority of creationists.