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14-Jan-2020 02:54

I understand and accept the responsibility to return the book(s) rented under this program, in usable condition, by the due date to Titan Shops. I understand that for each rental textbook returned within three business days after the due date I will be assessed a late fee of .00 or the rental fee (whichever is less).

Seeking has USC as the top Southern California school at No.

Sup guys, are there any programs at csuf where I can donate unused school supplies to students who can’t afford them?

I have a few binders, a shit ton of pencils, pens, highlighters, graph paper etc that I know someone/some people could use.

In comes the Tech Coast Venture Network (TCVN) to the rescue!

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On March 21 they will be hosting an Investor Speed Dating event. Then suddenly, without notice, the buzzer rings and you have to move on. The presentations will be made one-on-one to many potential investors including members of Tech Coast Angels and you’ve only got few short minutes to pitch, Q&A and listen to seasoned advice and recommendation. Fortunately, TCVN and the Speed Dating with Investors event is designed to introduce entrepreneurs and startup companies to the world of angel investing. Our focus is education, networking and the potential opportunity to connect entrepreneurs with investors.

Lots of people have great ideas and have the skills to make that concept a reality but, for some entrepreneurs, there is a real need to connect with investors in order to bring their concept to fruition.