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It is a great honor for the owner of the camel who will spend all year ensuring his camel is in top condition for the wrestling match. [Read more...]Travel books are popular for one very good reason. Most aim to improve the readers travel experience by giving hints and tips on any specific area such as beaches, countries, adventure sports or understanding culture and traditions.One travel book though has outweighed all others in popularity, and it is 146 years old. [Read more...]As much as I consider myself well-travelled throughout Turkey, there was one man who was more knowledgeable about the country and its surrounding middle east neighbours.A look can cause pain, injury, or bad luck to anyone on the receiving end.People who are envious or simply believe that a person does not deserve the good fortune bestowed on them also give the evil eye …

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Events and people of the past played a huge part in the formation of Turkey that we see today.

[Read more...]At the beginning of every year, the camel wrestling festival of Selcuk, begins on the Aegean coast of Turkey.