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Another of my daughter’s friends who has a single mother lives with her mother and her aunt, and sees her father regularly on weekends.Conservatives would likely characterize both of these families as “broken,” but I would rather focus on the diversity of family structures and on valuing all of the adults involved in childrearing, whether they are a child’s biological parents or not.And it’s true, we can’t just wipe those cultural ideas from society. This isn’t an “inadvertent truth” in a feminist meme, it’s a sign that our society’s sexism is deeper than either I or the author of the meme realized.The meme could have been signed “Feminist Parent” and worn by someone whose gender was ambiguous, but it’s not, because it’s trying to counter the idea that all fathers are overprotective assholes. 2) Reinforces Women’s Sexual Gatekeeping Role It’s totally controversial to say it, but it’s also true, that women are generally the ones in a sexual relationship to decide what level of intimacy — and when — will occur. This idea that parents either have rules or don’t care about their kids is not at all reflected in my experience as a progressive parent surrounded by other progressive parents. Ironically, many of them are the same ones who make lots of rules for their kids, because control. More than that, I believe that trust is mutual, and that communication is a two-way street, and that the two, if given a solid foundation during a child’s early years, can carry a parent and child safely through the teen years.

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But look again at that last line: The problem here appears to be that Hemingway is reading cultural ideas about the father as the protector—and as someone boyfriends should be afraid of—into a message that is trying to counter those cultural ideas.

guidance, just not for making lots of rules—remember, rules and guidance are not the same thing (see my discussion above).