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He has 10 years experience in Intellectual Property and innovation, and 5 years in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.Patrick has worked as a Patent examiner at IP Australia and he co-founded and managed ABA technology Pty Ltd.She specialises in innovation funding where she has spent half a decade securing both government and private funding.She has interests in how blockchain technology is transforming global markets and shaping fiscal policy.

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100x Crypto Summit is a showcase & networking event for 250 crypto founders, investors, influencers and media.

STRONGURL BLunch Blockchain Week - NYC 2019Strongurl BLunch is an intimate, curated blockchain lunch event launched in January 2018.

It provides an inclusive environment and builds community for people who are passionate and interested in learning about blockchain technology.

BLunch also highlights female leaders in the space by inviting them as guest speakers to share their work.

BLunch’s mission is to elevate, empower and encourage women and diversity in blockchain technology - diversity in gender, age and professional backgrounds.Additional wallet functionality to include directory of platform partners Implementation of web of trust, reputation and chain auditing tools. Expand bounties to incentivize community development Two-part escrow with mutual burn functionality. Interoperability between intimate and other blockchains to deliver new applications. intimate debit card to expedite withdrawals Strongurl BLunch is an intimate, curated blockchain lunch event launched in January 2018.