Dating a 34 year old virgin

04-Nov-2019 17:27

So kinda like Steve Corel in that one move I eventually just stopped trying. I got a good degree, went on to grad school, then got a pretty decent job in the technology sector.

When I hit 30 I was financially independent, somewhat successful but pathetically lonely and awkward.

It took me about 4 years of hard work, but I'm finally at a point in my life where I'm actually pretty happy with myself.

I went from being almost a 300 pound blimp to about 160 pounds and working on my muscle definition.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of other men/women in your situation (especially on the online dating sites), so don't assume you're hopelessly behind in your social skills. Have fun, and don't get too emotionally invested in the women whose profiles you like. If you find someone you like an establish a bit of back-and-forth, after a few messages suggest meeting for coffee, and be specific about time/date/location.

Just assume they're fake, or beneath your standards. You can always modify the plan based on what she says. I'm getting better at messaging women and I learned not to expect a response.

This combined with being a sheltered, naive and trustworthy put me on the radar of just about every bully in the 50 mile radius.

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Friends of mine got me to go to a few college parties and encouraged me to "hit on girls" but you can probably imagine how that could have went for a freckle-faced ginger kid who was wider than he was tall, and had absolutely no game.I'm actively competing with guys who have been doing this stuff since they were 15.