Dating a drunk

09-Jan-2020 18:22

Instead, consider a simple “hey.” Trust me, if they are into it, they will pick up what you’re putting down. How grateful I am to have them in my life, even though we just met and our time together will end as soon as one of the bathroom stalls becomes available.As Shakespeare once said, "Brevity is the soul of drunk texting wit." Or something like that. People like me should have their phone regularly slapped out of their hands every weekend after about 10ish, because I may drop an L-bomb at any time. Then trust me, resist the urge to share your drunken fee-fees. Just don’t fall into the trap of staring at the screen waiting for the bubble to appear or even worse, following up with a “???? You’ll look desperate and it will make the final step that much harder…That place is yours and yours alone, and should stay that way until you get to know your date better.DO: Choose a bar with decent music and a good crowd, but isn’t too loud or too mobbed.

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As soon as a guy asks if he can take me out for drinks, I know he only skimmed my dating profile, if that. Because when you’re completely sober, it’s awfully hard to find the courage and recklessness you need to justify banging a stranger knowing full well that you’ll never see him again. Some drink more than others, but it’s still a pastime for most people. No, I won’t go for the guys whose only pictures are of them hoisting solo red cups in the air, but I certainly won’t discount a guy just because he has a love for craft beers.

A good first date is a lot like a movie trailer: it ought to be short, exciting, and should leave you both wanting more.