Dating a girl with different political views

24-Sep-2019 14:34

When we discussed the potential of losing access to abortions under Trump, Sloan’s response was that it didn’t directly affect us, so why should we worry?

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Maybe see a marriage counselor, or throw out your TV and cancel your Twitter account.

I am by no means a Trump supporter, but I understand the roots he’s tapping into and have tried at times to share that perspective with Sara to “broaden her horizons.” I have utterly failed in that effort and have wisely given up trying.

The night of the 2008 election, we didn’t watch the results together. the next day, so she was tucked in and unaware of the results coming in. When I got home, I stuck a bunch of Obama yard signs all over our yard and a big one across the garage door. she backed her car out of the garage and was horrified to see her yard covered in Obama signs.

I would prefer not to talk about it, but he loves to debate.

It gives me daily anxiety to try and formulate my side of the argument before it happens, and I breathe a slight sigh of relief if it doesn’t end up being a topic of conversation.More important, our relationship works because we respect our differences.

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