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The €50 tickets sell out in under 20 minutes, making it I poke my head out from behind the pillar once more and lock eyes with a tall, tanned Frenchman in a crisp shirt. A man whose life is lived under such an intense microscope, that his manners are (probably) nothing short of impeccable. I’m so waterlogged, all I can think about is going to the bathroom (but daren’t for risk losing this prime eligible-scouting roadside seat). I’m not entirely sure what he means, but if it’s two skint girls wearing Primark heels trying to meet men somewhere other than their local Spoons – then yeah, bang on. He looks a bit like Craig David and his phone is rose gold, so he’s probably a millionaire?I can’t imagine Prince William ever cheating on anyone, then sending a text saying, "Nah I didn’t shag five other girls lol, it was six" (as one of my ex-boyfriends did. But with both Windsor brothers off the table, I’ll need to look elsewhere if I’m to try and seduce actual royalty... Shimmering golds, azure blues with streaks of silver and canary yellow drag racers emblazoned with thick noir rims: the supercars of the city, shipped over for the summer by wealthy Kuwaiti, Saudi and Emiratis, line the roads like Quality Street. ” nudges Yas, as we prop ourselves up by the bar and try to make our £10 vodka sodas last for two hours.However, reported soon after, that their mutual friend, Violet von Westenholz, introduced the couple.Violet's father is a baron (Piers Von Westenholz) and a good friend of Prince Charles.

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Dissatisfied with the way my search for true romance is going, I head off to my friend Josie's party in Tooting Bec (fact: home to the largest Chicken Cottage in Europe) with a bottle tucked under my arm. The fact that a few weeks later I discover Ben's bedroom is bigger than my entire flat? * Not actually Matalan but thought it'd be a bit extra splashing too many details around at such a pivotal early stage, y'know?

Something that didn't induce a quiet murmur of anxiety whenever I thought about it. The next day while scrolling through Instagram on the Eurostar, pulsating head in tow, I find myself staring into the eyes of Meghan Markle and realise I’ve missed a trick. He ashes out the cigarette and thanks me for the table space.

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