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26-Dec-2019 15:06

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When it comes to paying your fare, try to come outside of the cab and pay through the window.

However, make sure you show your driver the money and specifically tell them the amount and currency you’re handing over.

Plan enough breathing room into your itinerary that you can hide out a bit when the onslaught of Egypt just becomes too much. Plan for the diversity of the country, in what you pack and how you adventure.

What you pack for Egypt could well determine how much you enjoy your trip and which doors are open to you.

You’ll enjoy it more if you’ve got some mud on your boots already, a sense of yourself and how to travel in difficult places.

More experience navigating the particulars of the Muslim world as an unaccompanied woman is better than less.

Taxi rides are a bit fraught in Egypt, so be careful.

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And then, there are the policemen who lay in wait to steal a traveler’s car and driver when she’s in looking at one of the less traveled and rarely toured temples, necessitating the obligatory three cups of tea, negotiation, and bald faced bribery. You’ll still have plenty of an adventure, I promise you.

A little perspective on discomfort and cross cultural confusion will go a long way.