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This treaty made the Crimean khanate independent of the Turkish sultan; advanced the Russian frontier southward to the Southern (Pivdennyy) Buh River; gave Russia the right to maintain a fleet on the Black Sea; and assigned Russia vague rights of protection over the Ottoman sultan’s Christian subjects throughout the Balkans.

Russia was now in a much stronger position to expand, and in 1783 Catherine annexed the Crimean Peninsula outright. Suvorov, the Russians won several victories that gave them control of the lower Dniester and Danube rivers, and further Russian successes compelled the Turks to sign the When Turkey deposed the Russophile governors of Moldavia and Walachia in 1806, war broke out again, though in a desultory fashion, since Russia was reluctant to concentrate large forces against Turkey while its relations with Napoleonic France were so uncertain. Kutuzov’s victorious campaign of 1811–12 forced the Turks to cede Bessarabia to Russia by the Russia had by now secured the entire northern coast of the Black Sea.

"When it comes to various kinds of sanctions against Georgia, I would not do it precisely out of respect for Georgian people." No flights for Georgia The ex-Soviet state of Georgia fought a brief war against Russia over two border provinces, Abkhazia and South Ossetia , in 2008.

The conflict ended with Russia routing Georgian troops and setting up military bases on the disputed territory.

The wars took place in 1676–81, 1687, 1689, 1695–96, 1710–12 (part of the Great Northern War), 1735–39, 1768–74, 1787–91, 1806–12, 1828–29, 1853–56 (the Crimean War), and 1877–78.

As a result of these wars, Russia was able to extend its European frontiers southward to the The early Russo-Turkish Wars were mostly sparked by Russia’s attempts to establish a warm-water port on the Black Sea, which lay in Turkish hands.

The move comes as the latest escalation in the weekslong crisis prompted by a Russian lawmaker speaking in the Tbilisi parliament.

The sanctions against Georgia would require approval by Cabinet members and Putin.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said he is against imposing sanctions on Georgia despite an escalating row.

The Russians successfully invaded Turkish-held Moldavia, but their Austrian allies were defeated in the field, and as a result the Russians obtained almost nothing in the Catherine II the Great, abstain from interfering in Poland’s internal affairs.

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