Dating black in corporate america dating art ceurvels

21-Jul-2020 01:52

HIV According to a recent study published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in February 2011, “Although blacks make up only 13.6 percent of the U. population, they account for 50.3 percent of all diagnosed cases of HIV.Bringing more women into the C-suite requires CEO leadership, knowledgeable diversity officers, and programs to nurture talent. But if employers want to ensure diversity includes black women, a fresh approach is needed.Initiatives that effectively identify and retain top talent must consider the unique challenges black women face and the leadership aspirations they offer. Companies benefit from rewarding black women’s leadership aspirations with opportunities that might land them in the executive suite.

Black women also are more likely than white women to say they feel stalled (44% vs. “We need to be more intentional and specific about creating these [sponsorship] relationships,” says Stephanie Bird, executive director and chief of staff at AT&T’s Global Marketing Organization.But enabling black women to realize their aspirations may not be so complicated.It may not require separate initiatives and programs.Similarly, as we embark on communicating the whole truth, it is also essential that we persist to focus on areas where improvement is needed.

To be sure, these areas for improvement exist relative to every ethnicity and are not solely confined to African-Americans.Black women suffer from a “now you see them now you don’t” effect in the workplace.