Dating british made stanley planes

22-Sep-2020 06:05

We should add that this website is in no way affiliated with Record Tools, and we don't wish to infringe on any trade marks whatsoever.

We're just fans of some of the best tools to come out of Britain in the past 75 years.

It is not common practice to clean up machine work today.

Looking at most surfaces in houses, even on architraves and skirting boards, I see the monotonous ripple left from machines as the light catches the high points exaggerating the rotary cuts.

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The Stanley #78 is a plane I have kept turning to for 50 years because of its versatility, compactness and reliable neatness.

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Though nowhere near as complicated and involving as dating Stanley planes, Record hand planes did have their differences over a 70 year history and some of them are listed here.Any item may be returned, in the same condition as it was received, within 7 days of receipt, for a refund. ), position the frog and lever pivot point in between bench vise jaws.