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03-Nov-2019 11:46

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A survey conducted early this year found that although Chinese women are still earning 22% less than men on average, the gap is narrowing, with the difference at 30% the year before.

Modern Chinese women living in major cities care less and less about finding a “proper match,” at least in terms of wealth.

About a week into her break with her boyfriend, Lilac, the Shanghai-based reporter, added him back on chat app We Chat after she saw that he kept checking her game status in the mobile hit .

He really cares about her but is too shy to tell her, Lilac surmised.

In major cities, more and more couples are choosing not to have kids altogether.

Chinese women and men now see more paths to happiness in relationships, and the little-puppy phenomenon is another such option.

Most people entered the dating scene with those ideas in mind—women typically wanted to date men who owned property, and who were wealthier and more successful professionally than themselves.

Inspired by the show’s title, China’s internet users started using dogs to categorize different types of men: A viral blog post (link in Chinese) on Chinese social media published in March, titled “It’s so sweet to date little puppies!

Lilac wants to date a “little puppy,” because, as she puts it, he would be “the exact opposite of the guys around me, including my boyfriend.”The 25-year-old, who works at a Shanghai-based online publication and only wants to be identified by her English name, said that her boyfriend doesn’t compliment her enough on her looks.

A little puppy, on the other hand, would always know to tell her, “You are the best.” After their latest argument, the two decided to take a break from their year-long relationship.

Inexperienced men try to over-impress them, show off with their money, but that’s not what these beauties need.

Japanese culture for foreigners is something extraterrestrial.Now, we all want to find a ‘son,’ and to be respected like a mother,” concluded the article, which was published on a popular blog about social trends.