Dating craftsman planes

02-Jun-2020 09:30

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I want to be able to identify the types of planes not just these. So that way if you see a plane you can get an idea of its purpose and know whether or not you need it in your collection.

Again, this list is not meant to be extensive as there are many other types and some specialty types.

More easily spotted if you see the interchangeable blades.

The blades, depending on what is available given the planes manufacturer, would be able to do moulding, rabbeting, beading, ooges, grooves.... My go-to source for Stanley hand plane information is Patrick Leach's Blood & Gore webpage.

Combination/Universal If you were to spout the phrase "I like planes and plane accessories" you most definitely own a combination plane.

Smoothing can be also seen in how the blade is sharpened. Some of them are functional but there a number of novelty ones out there. Rebate/Shoulder Rebate planes and shoulder planes have the same basic design characteristic. The body will have opening on both sides to allow the blade to extend the width of the tool.

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